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Press Release for TGA12102 & 12104 Arbitrary Generators

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Multi-channel 100MHz ARBs can generate very long waveforms

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TTi has launched two new arbitrary waveform generators with 1M words memory per channel using a variable clock architecture at speeds up to 100MHz. The TGA12104 has four channels, the TGA12102 has two.

The variable clock architecture differs fundamentally from the DDS based system used in most lower cost arbitrary generators. It allows separate waveform segments to be linked together in a repetitive sequence to produce waveform lengths far in excess of the waveform memory length of 1,048,576 words. The variable clock system also eliminates the waveform jitter associated with the DDS generation technique for arbitrary waveforms.

Arbitrary waveform storage is effectively unlimited using CompactFlash memory cards of up to 1GB. Waveforms can be transferred to and from a PC using the digital interfaces of GPIB, RS232 and USB (all fitted as standard), or using the USB based CF card reader supplied with the generators.

Both units incorporate an external ARB clock input which allows the arbitrary waveform to be clock at any frequency in synchronism with an external signal. This is not possible with DDS based ARBs.

The generators are capable of producing up to four waveforms which can be either fully independent or linked using simple or complex relationships including full inter-channel triggering, modulation, summing and phase control.

All waveforms are available as a triggered burst or as a gated signal. Both triggered and gated modes can be operated from the other channels, from the internal trigger generator, an external source, or by a key press or remote command. The channels can be phase locked with user defined phase angles. This can be used to generate multi-phase waveforms or locked waveforms of different frequencies.

For standard function generator requirements, the TGA12102 and 12104 can also operate in direct digital synthesis (DDS) mode and can generate signals within the frequency range 0.001Hz to 40MHz. A wide range of standard waveforms are provided. They also include a pulse generator mode in which pulse trains of up to ten pulses with differing, amplitudes, widths and delays can be defined.

Both generators are supplied with Waveform Manager Plus arbitrary waveform creation software. This is a powerful Windows-based design tool that enables the user to create waveforms from mathematical expressions, from combinations of other waveforms, freehand drawing, or using a combination of all three techniques.

The TGA12102 costs 2,495 in the UK and 3,750 Euros in Continental Europe.
The TGA12104 costs 3,495 in the UK and 5,250 Euros in Continental Europe
The approximate International prices are $4,500 and $6,300 respectively.

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