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Press Release for TGA12101 Arbitrary Generator

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Arbitrary / Function Generator samples to 100MS/s

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The TGA12101, new from TTi, is a high speed arbitrary waveform generator and function generator which uses a sample clock speed of up to 100MHz. It has a universal signal source architecture and provides the functionality of several different generators within a single instrument. 

The TGA12101 can operate as a DDS function generator producing high quality sine, cosine, haversine and havercosine between 1mHz to 40MHz with squarewaves available up to 50MHz. Triangle, ramp and sine(x)/x waveforms are also available. Setting resolution is 10 digits or 1mHz.

It can also operate as a true variable-clock arbitrary generator. Variable-clock architecture provides much greater capabilities than the DDS arbitrary system used on many generators. Arbitrary waveforms may be defined with 12 bit vertical resolution and from 8 to over one million horizontal points. The waveform replay clock is variable between 0.1Hz and 100MHz or can be driven from an external source. Unlimited non-volatile waveform storage is provided using removable Compact Flash memory cards. 

Waveforms may be strung together to form a sequence of up to 1024 steps. Each waveform may have a user defined repeat count from 1 to 32768. This allows highly complex waveforms to be created.

The TGA12101 can generate not just pulses but complex pulse trains. A pattern of up to 10 pulses can be quickly defined with each pulse having its own amplitude, width and delay. The whole pulse train pattern can then be replayed at a user defined repetition rate. Where variable rise time pulses are required, the arbitrary facility can be used.

Modulation modes include wide-range phase-continuous sweep, AM, tone switching, and signal summing. A built-in trigger generator provides gated & triggered burst modes. All waveforms can be swept over their full frequency range at a variable rate. Amplitude modulation and signal summing is available for all waveforms and is controlled from the other channel or from an external generator.

Comprehensive waveform creation and editing features are available using the Waveform Manager Plus arbitrary waveform software supplied. This is a powerful Windows-based design tool that enables the user to create waveforms from mathematical expressions, from combinations of other waveforms, freehand drawing, or using a combination of all three techniques. Clip-board import and export provides an easy way of using waveform captured from DSOs or digitizers.

The TGA12101 uses an 80 character back-lit LCD display with soft keys. All parameters can be entered directly from the numeric keypad or can be incremented and decremented using the rotary control. It is cased in a 3U half-rack width casing with integrated tilt feet.

Serial and a GPIB interfaces are fitted as standard and can be used for remote control of all of the instrument functions and for the down-loading of arbitrary waveforms. Waveforms can also be transferred between the instrument and a PC using the CF memory card, and a USB interfaced card reader is provided for this purpose.

The TGA12101 costs 1,595 in the UK and 2,400 Euros in Continental Europe
The approximate International price is $2,900.

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