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Press Release for TG300 series Function Generators

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3MHz function generators have dual displays

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The TG300 series, new from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments), is a range of three function generators with a maximum frequency of 3MHz and which provide simultaneous digital display of frequency and level.

Auto-ranging reciprocal frequency measurement gives 4-digit resolution with rapid update right down to 2Hz. Accuracy is within 1 digit (0.03% at full scale). To maintain a fast update below 2Hz, the measurement mode is changed resulting in 3-digit resolution. When compared to the normal fixed gate-time meters used in other products the TG300 series provides both higher accuracy and faster display update across the whole frequency range.

The output level display can be selected to show any of three values: peak to peak amplitude, rms amplitude or DC offset. The decimal point and units are changed automatically resulting in a display of the true amplitude regardless of the attenuator setting.

The top two models of the series (TG320 and TG330) also have an external frequency counter mode which utilises the full width of the display to provide up to seven and a half digits of resolution. The frequency range is from 5Hz up to 120MHz and the input sensitivity is better than 50mV rms. Accuracy is typically better than 10ppm and an external adjustment point allows re-calibration when high accuracy is essential. A measurement period of 0.5 or 5 seconds can be selected. Reciprocal counting ensures high resolution regardless of input frequency. Thus, for example, mains frequency can be measured to a resolution of 0.001Hz

The TG300 series can generate sine, square, triangle, pulse and ramp waveforms from 0.03Hz up to 3MHz. Variable bi-directional symmetry with constant frequency is provided over a ten to one range. An external sweep input allows the frequency on each range to be varied by at least 1000:1.

Each generator provides a main output with a maximum emf of 20V pk-pk from a 50 Ohms or 600 Ohms source. An amplitude vernier with a range of 20dB is combined with two switched attenuators of -20dB and -40dB to provide levels down to 2mV pk-pk unterminated.
Variable DC offset of 10V is available via a centre detent control. An auxiliary output provides a fixed 0V to +5V level suitable for driving both TTL and CMOS loads

The TG300 costs between 199 and 269 in the UK and between 300 and 400 Euros in Continental Europe
The approximate International price is between $380 and $500.

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