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Press release for TG1006 10MHz DDS function generator

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Low cost DDS Function Generator has quasi-analog control

The TG1006, new from Aim-TTi, is a DDS based function generator operating from 1mHz up to 10MHz. Unlike other digital generators, it can be operated over any frequency range using an analog like control in addition to numeric or spin-wheel frequency entry.

This enables the user to set any upper and lower frequency limits and then use the quasi-analog frequency control to rapidly sweep the frequency between the limits. This is particularly useful for setting up filters or checking frequency response, something that is difficult to do with most digital function generators.

The TG1006 can generate waveforms between 0.001Hz and 10MHz with a resolution of six digits and a one year accuracy better than 10ppm. Up to ten frequencies can be stored in memory. Amplitude is variable between 5mV and 20V pk-pk from a source impedance of 50Ohms or 600Ohms.

The LCD display can show frequency and amplitude or offset simultaneously. Frequencies can be entered directly from the numeric keypad in units of Hz, kHz or MHz. Alternatively any digit can be incremented or decremented using the spin wheel.

A 120MHz frequency counter is incorporated. In external counter mode the full width of the display is used to provide up to seven digits of resolution. The frequency range is from 3Hz up to more than 120MHz, and the input sensitivity is better than 50mV rms.

Modulation modes include wide range include wide range phase-continuous sweep, internal or external AM, FSK and frequency list stepping.
The generator is housed in a 2U high case with built-in tilt stand. A rack mounting kit is available.

The TG1006 costs £330 in the UK and €415 in Europe.


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