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Press release for new PLH-P series higher voltage PSUs

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Higher voltage PSUs have full remote interfaces

The new PLH-P series from Aim-TTi are higher voltage linear regulated laboratory power supplies fitted with a wide range of remote control interfaces.

Available as 0 to 120 volt or 0 to 250 volt models, the PLH-P series provide more than 90 watts of power from a highly compact quarter-rack form factor.

Fully opto isolated analogue remote control is incorporated using a scale factor of either 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V. Digital remote control is available via RS-232, USB or LAN interfaces, the latter being LXI compliant.

Digital remote control is provided by USB, RS-232 and LAN interfaces with GPIB optional. The LAN interface is LXI compliant.

The PLH-P series uses special safety binding post terminals, designed by TTi. These are touch proof to over 250 volts and can be used with fixed shroud 4mm plugs for laboratories that make their use mandatory. However they can also accept standard 4mm plugs, spade connectors or bare wires for general purpose use. Power and sense terminals are duplicated on the rear panel for rack mounted applications.

The command set is compatible with other TTi power supplies including the QL, PL, QPX and CPX. An IVI driver provides support for common high level applications such as National Instruments LabView or LabWindows, and HP/Agilent VEE..


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