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Press release for new PLH series higher voltage PSUs

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Bench power supplies rise to 250 volts DC

The new PLH Series of laboratory bench dc power supplies from TTi are higher voltage linear regulated units offering a maximum output voltage of either 120 volts or 250 volts.

Based around the format of the New PL Series of lower voltage PSUs, the PLH Series provide a maximum power of over 90 watts from an ultra-compact casing which is only 107mm wide (one quarter rack width). The linear regulation ensures low noise and fast transient response.

The maximum current output is 750mA or 375mA depending on model with a measuring resolution of 0.1mA. A low-current range of 75mA is also provided which increases the resolution to 0.01mA.

The PLH incorporates smart analogue controls. Voltage and current are set using conventional rotary knobs, but the settings can be locked at the touch of a button using the S-Lock function. This transfers control of voltage and current from the analogue controls to internal digital circuitry. This offers not just complete security, but exceptional stability as well with each setting controlled by a high resolution instrumentation quality DAC.

The V-Span function allows the user to redefine the end-stop values of the voltage control to create a specific voltage range. When working with any particular piece of equipment, engineers often require a voltage source variable over only a narrow range. V-Span enables the whole 300 degree rotation of the voltage control to cover whatever voltage range the user requires.

Special safety binding post terminals, designed by TTi, are used. These are touch proof to over 250 volts and can be used with fixed shroud 4mm plugs for laboratories that make their use mandatory. However can also accept standard 4mm plugs, spade connectors or bare wires for general purpose use.

PLH Series higher voltage power supply

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