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Press Release for Aim-TTi PL Series

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Remote Control Power Supplies are Web Enabled

The New PL-P series of high performance dc power supplies offers a wide range of remote control interfaces as standard. These include USB for simple PC connection, RS-232 for legacy applications and Ethernet for single PC or LAN based system applications.

An additional GPIB interface is available as an option.

Designed to conform with LXI 1.2, the LAN interface includes a built-in web server which provides information, configuration and control via a web browser.

LXI (LAN extensions for Instrumentation) is the LAN-based successor to GPIB, combining the advantages of Ethernet with the simplicity and familiarity of GPIB. The LXI Standard has already been adopted by many of the best known test and measurement companies as the natural successor to GPIB, and others are currently in the process of adopting it.

New PL-P series power supplies are linear regulated and offer very low output noise combined with excellent dynamic response. They are extremely compact being only ¼ rack width (107mm) and 3U height (131mm). Four units can therefore be fitted into a single rack width.

High thermal efficiency enables an unusually high power density to be achieved for a linear power supply. Single output models provide up to 90 watts, and dual output units 180 watts. 0 to 15 volt, 0 to 30 volt and 0 to 60 volt models are currently available. The dual output unit offers four modes of operation including a true parallel mode in which all 180 watts is made available to one output enabling it to supply double the current..

The interfaces provide full control and readback with a setting resolution of 1mV or 0.01mA. Near perfect load regulation can be achieved using the remote sense terminals which, like the output terminals, are fitted to both the front and the rear of the power supply.

The command set is compatible with other TTi power supplies including the QL and original PL-P. An IVI driver provides support for common high level applications such as National Instruments LabView or LabWindows, and HP/Agilent VEE.

New PL-P series

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