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Press Release for New PL Series

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Bench power supplies use “smart” analogue controls

The New PL Series, from TTi, is a range of laboratory dc power supplies which offer the benefits of digital technology whilst retaining true analogue controls for voltage and current.

The new product range replaces the original PL series which has become the most widely used power supply range within the UK electronics industry.

In designing the New PL Series, TTi wanted to incorporate the stability benefits associated with digital control. However, they were also anxious to ensure that the product would meet customer needs and expectations.

To ensure this, the company embarked upon a series of interviews with customers aimed at discovering their preferences, particularly over front-panel controls. It quickly became clear that, whereas users understood the benefits of digital control, many saw it as unnecessarily complicated for adjusting the basic parameters of voltage and current. Traditional analogue controls were seen as simpler, quicker, and better fitted for the job.

To solve this dilemma, TTi designed a hybrid system combining true analogue control knobs with digital internal circuitry. For the user, the New PL Series operates identically to a traditional analogue controlled power supply. However, if the user wants the benefits of digital control, they are instantly available via the S-Lock and V-Span functions.

The S-Lock function enables the voltage and current settings to be locked at the press of a button. This transfers control of voltage and current from the analogue controls to internal digital circuitry. This offers not just complete security, but exceptional stability as well with each setting controlled by a high resolution instrumentation quality DAC.

The V-Span function allows the user to redefine the end-stop values of the voltage control to create a specific voltage range. When working with any particular piece of equipment, engineers often require a voltage source variable over only a narrow range. V-Span enables the whole 300 degree rotation of the voltage control to cover whatever voltage range the user requires.

New PL Series uses linear regulation to provide an extremely low rms noise figure of below 0.4mV with tightly specified pk-pk noise and common-mode current figures as well. Despite the improvements in high frequency switcher design, linear regulation still offers the lowest output noise, the best transient response and the most benign stability characteristics when driving complex load conditions.

The New PL series achieves an exceptional power density for a linear regulated power supply by offering up to 90 watts from a case just 107mm wide (¼ rack 3U). This gives it an unusually small bench footprint taking up less space on a crowded bench. For rack-mount application, up to four units can be mounted into a single 3U slot.

Despite its small size and linear regulation, the New PL series generates relatively little heat through the use of an advanced phase controlled pre-regulator. This gives it significantly higher energy efficiency than conventional linear regulated designs, particularly when supplying lower voltages.
The first models to be launched are three single output power supplies of 15V/5A, 30V/3A and 60V/1.5A .

The price in the UK is £260.
The approximate International prices is $500.

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