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Press Release for Aim-TTi MX180T & MX180TP Triple Output PSUs

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Triple output power supply can provide 20A or 120V

The MX180T, new from Aim-TTi, is a 375 watt precision laboratory power supply offering highly flexible voltage and current combinations to meet many differing requirements.

Two high power and one low power output are provided, but all offer fully variable voltage and current settings, individual on/off and selectable remote sense.

Outputs one and two can source 0 to 30V at 0 to 6A, but range switching provides alternatives of 60V/3A or 15V/10A. Output three can source 0 to 5.5V at 0 to 3A, with an alternative range of 12V/1.5A.

Where higher power is needed from one output, internal switching circuitry enables up to 360 watts to be provided from a single output switchable between 30V/12A, 60V/6A, 120V/3A or 15V/20A.

All outputs are fully isolated and independent but voltage tracking can be selected to make outputs one and two track a single voltage control. The isolated tracking capability is useful for creating tracking voltages to different ground points, or tracking voltages of opposite polarity.

The MX180T has a large backlit graphic LCD that can show full settings for all three outputs simultaneously. Soft key control provides a fast and intuitive user interface that includes other display modes and menu screens when required.

Voltages and currents can be set by direct numeric entry or in quasi-analog mode using the large spin wheel. Each output has switchable remote sensing and variable over-voltage and over-current protection trips.

200 settings memories are provided arranged as 50 for each output and a further 50 that store the settings for all three outputs simultaneously.
Each output has its own DC On/Off control key but additional keys are provided that turn any combination of outputs on or off simultaneously. This function can be extended to turn the outputs on or off in a timed sequence.

The front panel can be locked against accidental operation by the Lock key. If further security is required locking can be done using a four digit pass code.
The MX180T is housed in a compact case suitable for benchtop or rack mounting (half rack width by 3U height). A rack mount for one or two units is available. Front input ventilation is used to enable horizontal and vertical stacking without compromising cooling.

The MX180TP has all the same features but adds remote control via USB, RS232, GPIB and LXI compliant LAN interfaces. It also includes duplicate terminals on the rear panel.

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