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Press release for new LD400 programmable electronic load

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400 watt Electronic Load offers Full Remote Control

The LD400P, new from Aim-TTi, is a 400 watt electronic dc load with full analogue and digital remote control capabilities.

Maximum voltage and current are 80V and 80A with a maximum continuous power capability of 400 watts, and a short term capability of 600 watts.

Remote control includes analogue, USB, RS232, GPIB and LXI compliant LAN interfaces. Local control is based around a large graphic LCD with soft keys. Parameters can be entered via a numeric keypad or changed via a spin wheel.

The load includes a full transient generator that switches between two preset levels at rates from 0.01Hz up to 10kHz with variable slew rate. An external current monitor is available to observe transient waveforms.

Operating modes include constant current, resistance, conductance, voltage and power. Minimum operating voltage is less an 1 volt at 40 amps. An adjustable drop-out voltage can be set for testing batteries.

Thirty non-volatile memories are provided which store all of the parameters of the load. This makes the LD400P particularly suitable for repetitive test use.

The wide voltage and current range, comprehensive remote control and built-in functions combined with with a low purchase price will make the LD400P an attractive solution to many power testing requirements.

LD400 electromic load from Aim-TTi

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