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Press Release for Aim-TTi EX355P-USB Power Supply

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USB control for bench power supply

Aim-TTi have updated their EX355P bench power supply to include USB control.  It offers a low-cost solution for a basic programmable PSU that is sufficient for many applications where the sophistication and complexity of GPIB is not needed.

Total power is 175 watts with settings of 0 to 35 volts and 0 to 5 amps.  Voltage and current levels are set digitally using either the bus interface or the local controls. Setting resolution is 10mV and 10mA. The mixed-mode regulation design, which includes linear final regulation, provides a very low output noise and fast recovery from transients.

A simple command set allows remote control of voltage, current and output enable along with read -back of metering values and operational status. Local control is via three rotary encoders providing rapid and accurate setting of voltage and current during bench use.

The front panel controls can be locked out when required, making the unit particularly useful in production and test environments where settings must remain fixed.

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