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Press Release for TTi ELR and EXR Series PSUs

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Bench Power Supplies upgraded with 4 digit meters & remote sense

The best selling EL and EX series from TTi have been upgraded to add 4 digit meters and switchable remote sense terminals without any cost increases.

Voltage and current resolution have been improved to 10mV and 1mA respectively.

Triple output power supply senses voltage at the load

The new EL302RT from TTi is a triple output laboratory power supply which incorporates switchable remote sense terminals that enable the output voltage to be precisely controlled at the load end.

Remote sensing is essential to maintaining precise regulation and true metering of the load voltage. Many other power supplies omit remote sense, and quote regulation figures that could never be achieved in a practice.

For example, a 2 meter length of a 24/0.2 wire pair has a resistance of around 0.1 Ohms. For a 5V load drawing 3A the metering error would be 0.3V and the effective full current load regulation would be around 6%, against a quoted figure of perhaps 0.01% for the power supply itself.

The EL302RT has two independent and isolated outputs of 0 to 30 volts at 0 to 2 amps. Separate 4 digit meters are provided for voltage and current on each main output to a resolution of 10mV and 1mA.

Linear regulation provides low output noise and excellent transient response. The outputs can operate in constant voltage or constant current mode with automatic crossover.

The third output is intended primarily for low voltage logic and is variable between 1.5 volts and 5.0 volts with a fixed current limit of 2 amps. The voltage can be accurately preset using the voltage meter of second output.

The EL302RT incorporates safety binding-post output terminals that can accept a 4mm safety plug with rigid insulating sleeve, a requirement specified by an increasing number of laboratories for safety reasons. However, unlike the 4mm safety sockets used on some other products, the new TTi terminals can also accept fork connectors or bare wires, giving maximum connection flexibility.

The power supply is highly compact measuring 260 x 160 x 295 mm (10.2” wide x 6.3” high x 11.6” deep). Cooling is done by convection which ensures that it is entirely silent in operation..

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