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New Products from Aim-TTi

The latest Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment from Aim-TTi

This site provides information on the latest electronic test and measurement instrument equipment products from Aim-TTi (Aim Instruments and
Thurlby Thandar Instruments Ltd.)

Use the links below to access the product release information, data sheets, and product illustrations.

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Recently launched instruments and power supplies

MX180T & MX180TP triple output wide-range power supplies

Scan Mode for PSA Series 5 handheld RF spectrum analyzers

MX100T & MX100TP triple output multi-range power supplies

LD400 & LD400P programmable dc electronic loads

PSA Series 5 - 3.6 and 6GHz handheld RF spectrum analyzers

TG2512A and TG5012A two channel function generators

EX355P-USB - USB controlled 175W bench power supply

PL303QMT - triple output linear regulated power supply

PSA Series II - 1.3 and 2.7GHz RF spectrum analyzers

TF960 6GHz universal timer counter

TG1006 low cost 10MHz DDS function generator

CPX400SA - Laboratory power supply with analog remote control

QL Series II - Precision linear regulated power supplies

Aim I-prober 520 - Current probe for PCB tracks

CPX400S - Single output 420 watt PowerFlex PSUs

TGR6000 - 6GHz RF signal generator with fast sweep

PLH-P Series - Higher voltage bus programmable linear bench PSUs

QPX600D - Dual 600 watt dc power supply with PowerFlex+

HA1600A - Revised harmonics and flicker compliance analyser

CPX400DP - Bus programmable 840 watt dual PowerFlex PSU

TG1000 - Low cost 10MHz DDS function generator

PLH Series - Higher voltage linear bench power supplies, up to 250V

TF930 - Low-cost 3GHz frequency counter has TCXO and USB control

ELR, EXR - Low cost bench power supplies gain remote sense capability

New PL-P Series - Bus controlled linear regulated dc power supplies

 Other press releases

PFM3000 - Low-cost 3GHz handheld frequency counter
PL303QMD - Quad-mode dual version of the New PL Series PSUs
New PL Series - Advanced Linear Regulated laboratory power supplies
QPX1200L - 1.2kW PowerFlex PSU, 60V/50A max., RS232/USB/LAN
TG4001 - 40MHz DDS function generator with 100MS/s ARB
TGA12102 / 4 - 2 and 4 channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators, 100MS/s, 1Mpoints
EX2020R - Laboratory Power Supply, 0 to 20 Volts and 0 to 20 Amp
TG2000 - Low cost 20MHz DDS function generator with USB
TGA12101 - Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 100MS/s, 1M points
LD300 - Electronic DC Load - 80A, 80V, 300W Press Release
TG300 - 3MHz Function Generator range, dual LCD displays
TGR2050 - Low-cost 150kHz to 2GHz RF Signal Generator
EX4210R - Laboratory Power Supply, 0 to 42 Volts and 0 to 10 Amp
BS407 - Micro Ohmmeter with wide range and 0.1% accuracy
TG5011 50MHz function generator

The new two channel 25MHz & 50MHz
 2 channel function/arbitrary/pulse generators from Aim-TTi.

MX100T triple output power supply from Aim-TTi

The new MX100TP is a triple output PSU with three 35V/3A outputs and range switching for 70V and 6A.
USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN interfaces are incorporated.

PSA Series II RF spectrum analyzers - press release picture

The new PSA Series 5 of handheld RF spectrum analyzers available in 3.6GHz or 6.0GHz versions.